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I live near Chicago and I work as Director of Latino Affairs in a large arts and media college called Columbia College. I married a Mexican journalist and we have a daughter who is 6! Life is good. Come see me!

(312) 344 7812

1162 South Wenonah

Oak Park, IL 60304


Updated 5/12/04:

Que emocion! I can't wait! I just bought my ticket to come to the

reunion. Everytime I think about seeing all of you I get butterflies

in my stomach. All of you mean so much to me. I was in El Salvador

from 1971-1978, the important teenage years. Who will ever forget

the Fiestas de 15 we went to, and the parties at Chichis house and

all the fun we had in high school. I think this is such an important

reunion because "life" has happened to all of us and it will be so

great to talk to all of you, and find some long lost friends that I

have not had contact with for a long time. I am not bringing my

husband and daughter just me but believe me I will have pictures.

I would like to have a list of who has confirmed and it might make

some sitting on the fence to make that reservation and send the money

for the parties. When I tell people here were I am going, they think

it is so exotic but for me its like coming home to a place I have not

seen in 25 years.

Can't wait to see you!

Ani Soto

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Also, if you are interested in a CLASS REUNION
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