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Email:Michelle [moshar@comcast.net]

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 I left El Salvador in 1974.  I was Michelle Barton, one of the Texas Instruments kids.  My company here in Texas is working on the expansion of the Miami Airport. Company is Austin Commercial.

I really hated to miss the 25 year reunion last month, but I've been checking the site for familiar names and information.  I noticed that you're looking for interest in a 30 year reunion.  I would definitely be there for that one!  I have been wanting to come back to El Salvador for the longest time, and when Sonia called me last Thanksgiving to tell me of the reunion, I was thrilled, but being 5 months pregnant at the time, I knew July wouldn't give me enough time to recover from delivery.  I'm sure Roxana thought she had the youngest baby!

If you are thinking of a 30 year reunion, PLEASE keep me on the emailing list.  I've been talking about El Salvador so much in the past year, my husband will put me on the plane himself just to shut me up!

No one will remember me, probably, as I only went there for two years (7th and 8th grade), but I remember Violeta Peralta (we fought alot), Benjamin Duran, Michelle Bovery, Denise Daubin, my first boyfriend Kent Moir, so many others. 

Please keep me in the loop!

Michelle Barton (now Oestreich)

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If you have any comments or questions or updated info,
contact Tim Groman  tim @ eaclassof79 . org

Also, if you are interested in a "30 years" CLASS REUNION, let me know.


Also, if you are interested in a CLASS REUNION
(a "30 years" one),

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